How to install AMADEUS Products

In this section you will find all necessary information to install, update or uninstall AMADEUS Products.


All AMADEUS Products have always in minimum two components

  • AMADEUS Automatic Update and
  • the according product like AMADEUS Selling Platform or ProPrinter.

Please note that Amadeus Product installation (especially the CID/Certificate registration) must not be made using RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol / Terminal Services). Otherwise the CID will be registered in the current user registry and not in the local machine registry.

How it works

  1. You register your CID on or with the AMADEUS Installation Tool (For Windows Vista and Windows 7, please use the "run as administrator" function to start the Internet Explorer)
  2. The Website will install a certificate on your PC for each CID you register
  3. The first CID will also install AMADEUS Automatic Update
  4. Automatic Update reads all AMADEUS Certificates and downloads according AMADEUS product (SEL / ProPrinter / etc.)
  5. As soon as the download is competed, you can use the AMADEUS Product or configure it.