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Installation requirements

AMADEUS does not deliver MSI (Microsoft System Installation) packages.

For installation we will use the AMADEUS Automatic Update system that will install and update / remove Selling Platform automatically.

Each workstation has to be installed manually with a CID (AMADEUS Certificate Identifier). The first installation must be done with “Power User” or “Administrator” rights. Please note that Automatic Update is installed as a Microsoft Service.

During the workstation deployment with Selling Platform, two applications are installed:

  1. The Selling Platform application is stored in the folder “C:\Program Files\Amadeus”
  2. The Automatic Update application is stored in the folder “C:\Program Files\Automatic Update”

The folder location cannot be changed.

We do local caching in the following folders

  • “C:\Program Files\Automatic Update”
  • “C:\Program Files\Amadeus”
  • “C:\Document & Settings\%user%\Application data\amadeus”
  • “C:\sgwlog” (only during installation phase, then the folder is removed)
  • “C:\Windows\Downloaded program files”

We also use IE caching \cookies\user data persistence mechanism and we install Active X in “C:\Windows\Downloaded Program Files”


  • “HKLM\software\amadeus\1aAutoUpdate” (created at install time, modified at startup)
  • “HKLM\software\microsoft\windows\current version\run”
  • “HKCU\software\amadeus” (modified at startup)

I.E. setup

Usual trusted sites to be able to run scripts\scriptlets\Active X

“*” is automatically installed in the trusted sites when installing the Amadeus CID.