How to upgrade AMADEUS Products

Here you will find information about how to upgrade your AMADEUS installation.
All upgrades are  driven by AMADEUS. Prior any improvement you will be notified via E-Mail.

Prior any upgrade please check the requirements:

Upgrade procedure:

  1. After you have been informed via E-Mail, the Autmoatic Update
    icon changes to the status:
    Icon Installation Pending
    (Please note that it can take up to 48 hours after reception of the email for the status of the icon to change. If you want, you can try to force the synchronization/upgrade by clicking on "Check Update" in the Amadeus Automatic Update)
  2. Please close all Internet Explorer Windows at this time.
    Then click on the Automatic Updade icon and afterwards on Check Updates.
    Upgrade procedure 2
  3. This will start the download process and the Automatic
    Update icon changes to the status:
    Icon Downloading
  4. As soon as all required files have been downloaded, Automatic
    Update will ask you to continue the installation. Please click on
    Continue >
  5. Automatic Update will ask you where to install the AMADEUS
    Product. Please don't change the installation path.
    Click on
    Continue >
    Upgrade procedure 5
  6. The installation is now finalised. You can work whit the new AMADEUS Product.
    All changes for this version can be found in the Extranet.

    Link to the AMADEUS Extranet